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British Animators Network

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British Animators Network

The British Animators Network is a new site for all people who apsire to/work within the related fields of animation (this includes animation, illustration, motion graphics design, and so on).

It is primarily targeted at animators living within Britain, but anyone can join up who takes an interest in the area.

So what happens there? Well it's a collective, non-profit site that aims to gather all information for us Brit animators in one place.

There's an events calendar, discussion forum, video and photo posting facilities, your own home page and blog, and more! It's free and easy to use too.

So join up and get involved. The next event is the worldwide sketchcrawl, and we're hoping to get the Brits taking a much more active part in this.

Be sure to upload or post the embed code to your videos when you're signed up. So no need to re-upload the video that's already on another site if you don't want. The photos section also supports Flickr streams.

Thanks for your interest!