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Hi my name is reje

Could someone tell me if there is a book and software I could purchase that will give me step-by-step animation for stick-like figures? I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you. reje


I am also expecting this kind of informations. Please respond.

Academy of Animation and Gaming

hi Pals,
Animation and Gaming is feild Where from books ;) you can get vague information on animation but the true value can only be extracted in a complete guidance.
any ways. if you are looking for a drawing book kinldy go for figure study by Aditya chari, Bit & Pieces by. John nevarew.

my cartoon clips

I too new to animation, i posted some of cartoon clip in my blog, in that i have posted the walk cycle, but i like to know how to make the person walk towards me, ie opposite to me, i ll very happy if any one guide me in this.

3d animation using 3ds max maya

help with 3ds max maya problems ianimate chandigarh
reach me & I will be happily support & help & give solutions for hardware software queries of 3ds Max maya 3d animation : Jorawer Singh Chandigarh.

hi, did you manage to find

hi, did you manage to find worthy benefits? how are you doing in animation?

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