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Looking for a full time animators

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Looking for a full time animators


We are into a 3D cartoon show of 160 to 180 mins.
looking for proffesional team to handle the project.we prefer to bring the team to one of the Gulf country ( Dubai or Kuwait ) to finish the work.

we are going to provide everything..air ticket..transportation..housing.

it is a Good Chance :)

waiting your showreel and Cv's

please check your pm.^_^

We, Wing Animation, are an outsourcing company and specializing in 3D animation production, now we are becoming one of China¡¯s influential CG companies.

Our business covers 3D film/TV animation outsourcing, 3D game art-design outsourcing, and 3D original animation. All our products are with high quality and best price.

Why not outsource some of your animation works to us? We can produce all the perfect and satisfying animations for you. Also, with much lower budget than yours. Same quality but low cost? WHY NOT THINK ABOUT IT?

Should any of our services be of interest to you, please let us know. We will be happy to give you details. Your comments on our animations or any information on your demand will be really appreciated.

Awaiting your early reply
Best regards
Chelsea Chen

Company name: Wing Animation Ltd
Address: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Contact person: Chelsea Chen
Post: Trading Specialist
Skype: Market02.wing
MSN/ Email:

To give you a general idea of our services, we are enclosing our catalogue for your reference.

2D Design of Storyboard
2D Design (by Wacom drawing table)

• Any style: realistic, stylized, cartoon etc.
• Any type: humans, monsters, robots, etc.
• All types of rigging: biped, bones, facial rigs, finger rigs, etc.
• Next gen and/or past gen
• High polygon and/or low polygon

• Key framed or from motion capture
• In-game animations, including loop able and blend animations
• High detail for pre-rendered animations
• All types of rigging: biped, bones, facial rigs, finger rigs, etc.

• All types: environments, vehicles, weapons, props, etc.
• Any style: realistic, stylized, cartoon, etc.
• Next gen and/or past gen
• High polygon and/or low polygon
• architecturally valid environmental concepts
• Props, buildings, vehicles, weapons, etc.
• any style: realistic, stylized, cartoon, etc.
• High concept and/or 3D artist ready

Movies and VFX
• Concept art, storyboarding; rendering; lighting
• Complete NextGen 3D CG animated movies;
• Short animation movies for games, TV ads;
• Hand made key frame animation;
• Post-production, video FX.;
• Corporate Films/Presentations

Commercial Architecture Walkthrough


Please give me a details about your project. We are an animation studio, recently released an feature length animation movie here in India, and we are based in Kolkata. We have very good 3D team with expertise manpower.

My email ID is /

Kind Regards,
Bikram Naskar

please check your 'PM'

We are a complete Animation experienced Team.
we are offer high quality work at low cost.

contact me --

Check your messanger

Check your personal message board. I have posted the reply.
plz contact me for futher details.
Kind regards

Wow great

Nice description and given required details


We are AniWaves - involved in creating Animation IP’s based on human values exclusively for kids and people who have flair on animation.

Our team of members who has been set up to produce world class entertainment content for films, broadcast media and games, all aimed at an international audience. The company is edging close to being part of the new global momentum in the entertainment industry. A momentum that is redefining the way entertainment mediums including movies are produced, distributed-marketed and absorbed.

We are pleased to inform you that out team have more than ten man years of experience creating heart warming characters with a global appeal, colourful worlds and wonderful moments of fun and our team consists of 25 members experienced in Movies,Games,Series.

I am proud to say AniWaves have worked for many outsourced projects for international clients and we are still keen on Outsourced projects .We could send you samples of my team Works which you could look at and judge about the quality. All I can assure you is that “you would get a better quality at the best price”.

Mail me all details at

B.Praveen Kumar
Aniwaves Entertainment Ltd