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Uh oh... Politics

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Today I voted for Barack and Ty B. Bear

First of all, it's wonderful to have some civil discourse about a topic such as this and for everyone to respect each others opinions....WELL DONE!!!

Today, I voted for Barack because I truly want some real change and I observed the way he ran his campaign and his choice of V.P.

Also, I am a small business owner and his policies work for me.

As always, I wrote in TY B. BEAR at least a dozen times- under [B]write-in votes against State candidates that were running unopposed!

[/B]Others have used Ty B. Bear, too- for write-ins!


I voted like others. And I glad that this political races has been finished. I hope for the best while B.O. will be a president cause our country needs a good leader
:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Ty B. Bear for Senate!

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Artists and Politics

Just a last word...

If you ever want to hear an inspiring talk - listen to Howard Zinn on his site or on youtube. His speech, "ARTISTS IN A TIME OF WAR' (just one month after 9/11) was awesome! If you listen to it- keep in mind this speech was given before Afghanistan and Iraq...amazing!

Also here is a youtube cartoon by animator Willie Moore. Willie has been an independent forever and he produced this piece of animation about Barack Obama on his own - because he just had to do it...


I think Joe the Plumber was miffed because he was going to get penalized with Obamas higher tax rate (in that 200-250k range), and you�re right, he would been better off in Mcains plan. That�s why he�s not voting Obama!

Actually no. Joe The Plumber doesn't make anywhere close to $250K a year. He wasn't about to buy that business (he can't afford it). He would benefit more from Obama's plan and [URL= admitted as much.
He's come out and supported McCain, not for his own economic interest, but because, and I'm not kidding, a vote for Obama is "a vote for the death of Israel."

Of course Forbes is aimed at (gasp) the rich. One can dream, can�t one?

You can live in a dream world or you can vote based on reality. If you vote for McCain and you make less than $250K/yr, you are voting against your own economic interests. That's a fact.

Neither candidate�s plan would significantly increase economic growth unless offset by spending cuts or tax increases that the campaigns have not specified.� and �These projections assume the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts expire in 2010�. Jeepers, McCain wants to KEEP the tax cuts, Obamas gonna let them expire. Drag.

You just contradicted your own point. They predict a larger deficit under McCain precisely because he would extend and deepen the Bush tax cuts and because he has no specific plan to cut spending.

Less revenue plus more spending = bigger deficit.

That there CNN/TPC chart shows the difference between McCains and Obamas taxes for the millions of middle-class folks that earned between $66k and $112k is a whopping $281? Zowie, now that IS substantial! :eek:

Your claim was that your taxes would go up. Will they or won't they?

$281 is less, not more. And for those making even less than $66K, which is the VAST, VAST majority of people, the cuts would be even more substantial.

So would you or would you not, based on that chart, save more money under McCain like you claimed you would?

Spread the wealth!

Maybe you haven't been around for the last 8 years, not sure, but after 8 years of Republicans running the country, 6 of them controlling both Congress and the WH, we have over $500 billion going to Iraq when Iraqis are sitting on an $80 billion surplus, and nearly $1 trillion going to nationalizing our banking system. We have your veep pick literally handing out thousands of dollars to every person in Alaska. And your presidential nominee wants to buy up every bad mortgage in the country with tax payer dollars at FULL price and sell them back at a lower rate.

Spread the wealth indeed.

Politics will always be important to thinking artists. we shouldn't pretend it isn't. It affects our lifes our jobs. It's important.

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