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adobe cs4 bone tool

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adobe cs4 bone tool

Hi ive never done animation or flash and was told flash cs4 was as good as any so i got it but i think ive bitten off more than i can chew.

ultimatly i wan to make my little sports logo punch the ball out of his own hand propelling the ball forward.

i have started though just with stick figures trying to learn something to understand how it works. when adding bones i can sort of make it move by dragging the right leg as though it was stepping forward but it skews and drags the arm and body and doesnt look right, i only want the legs to move (walk) at this stage .

any step by stwp help or tutorials or advise would be great. cheers ash.

well for starters some grammer would help, because I couldnt understand the question. : /

William Wright, its you! the hero of KVATCH!

I don't have the upgrade to CS4 yet but you don't have to use bones, right?. Maybe doing it the CS3 way and before would help until you are comfortable with FLash.