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New Oct. Webinar Teaser - Jason Ryan Animation

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New Oct. Webinar Teaser - Jason Ryan Animation

There is a new video teaser for the upcoming October webinar for Jason Ryan Animation. You can view it by click on the "Character Walks" button next to the animated stick guy.

About Jason Ryan

Jason Ryan is former Disney Animation Supervisor and now currently working as a Supervising Animator at DreamWorks. He also used to be one of the original mentors at His started out in 2D animation and then successfully continued to 3D, He has worked on classics such as fantasia 2000 and also on modern feature films including Meet the Robinsons, American Dog and Chicken Little where he was the Supervising animator as well as the main animator for the character Chicken Little.

::::Previous work includes::::

Dreamworks Animation Studios:
Supervising Animator, Monsters V’s Aliens

Walt Disney Feature Animation:
Supervising Animator - Rapunzel
Supervising Animator additional help - Meet the Robinsons
Supervising Animator - American Dog
Supervising Animator/ Lead Animator - Chicken Little
Animator - Dinosaur
Animator - Fantasia 2000, The Steadfast Tin Soldier

How are the classes thus far?

I've been following the preview lessons on Jason Ryan's webinars. It looks pretty interesting, but I was wondering if there was anyone taking the classes that have been satisfied with the lessons?