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How to spot a Bad BUYER!!

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How to spot a Bad BUYER!!

A lot of animators meet a Bad Buyer a number of times. Although you can never be sure, but slowly you need to start recognizing one from his looks (or words if you're on a freelance marketplace). So I would like to use this thread to collectively draw a sketch of this person so that the newbies too could possibly spot him.

We can outline his:
- approach
- process
- working style
- financial dealings
- profile

Vineet's picture I still have not told my story! - Vineet Raj Kapoor I still have not told my story! - Vineet Raj Kapoor

Things to look to spot a bad buyer

I`ve met a couple of bad buyers trying to sell my show.
Lucky me friend of mine contacted me with a lawyer whi is expert in the industry and as he told me, these are a couple of things you need to look for.

First and foremost, if the buyer is not willing to give you any money at all in advance, forget it! This is true almost in every country but in the US it is more. I am from Mexico so I am used to get "offers" that include lots of promises but no money at all. But he told me, no money then he is not serious enough or not interested enough. I am not saying that you are going to ask for a lot, but at least there most be some amount to show his/her good will and that he is commited.

Second, in the contract, the buyer must commit to a series of actions and with dates; also it most say what happens if this doesn´t happen.

In my case, he was not willing to do this, so the lawyer advised me not to keep going with the negotiation because this was going nowhere. He may liked the idea, and he wanted it to see what could happen, but that was not one of his priorities, and that was not good for me.

If you are going to sign a contract with someone you need a buyer who is really enthisastic aobut the project and willing to to his part and put it in writting.!!!