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Help needed ...very badly..

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Help needed ...very badly..

I am Harshit.
I am currently in my final year in visual communication design at a college in India.Specialising in animation.

My interests lie in experimental animation.I fancy techniques such as stopmotion or clay or sand more than 3d.I dont have anything against 3d (it rocks) but the former appeals to me more.

After finishing my course i wish to pursue a masters degree.Still like many designers or animators i am pretty lost where to concentrate on.I have seen courses in RCA,UCLA,CALARTS,NFTS....these are the courses that really appeal to me...i would love to work on the concept level in the animation field rather than on the technical stuff....

Frankly i havent recieved much from my college either...i and few more of my classmates are very much self taught...i need suggestions as to where should i concentrate regards to pursuing my masters degree and taking my career ahead....

this might be a very vague post or question...but i am very confused :confused:

I would look at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York USA--I graduated from their M.F.A. program. Two of the professors (Carl "Skip" Battaglia and Stephanie Maxwell) are well known and award winning independant animators who specialize in experimental animation techniques. Read more at:

Good luck with your search.

My interests lie in experimental animation.I fancy techniques such as stopmotion or clay or sand more than 3d.

Take a look at The Academy of Art Online.

We have courses in Experimental Animation and Stop-Motion.

We are in the process of adding more Stop-Motion courses for the future, including Stop Motion Animation 2, Puppet Making for Animation, Advanced Stop Motion.

Here is what we offer online currently:

ANM 180 Experimental Animation

ANM 380 Stop Motion Animation 1

Contact the Admissions Dept. at the University for more information.

General information about The Academy of Art University's Online program can be found here : The video presentation How Online Classes Work is a good overview of the Academy's online program.

To read about the animation degrees offered see here : Animation Degrees Offered by Academy of Art University.

-David Nethery
Coordinator of Online 2D Animation
Academy of Art University

Do read some good books first!!

I hope your college introduced you to some great books. I can give you a personal favorites list if you like. I still have not told my story! - Vineet Raj Kapoor