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The Box by Fred Wolf

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The Box by Fred Wolf


Does anyone have any info on where I could purchase a copy of The Box by Fred Wolf.

This is the same Fred Wolf that was Murikami-Wolf and then Murikami-Wolf-Swenson and finally Fred Wolf Films - the company that produced TMNT - the animated series in Ireland.

I saw the film The Box years the movie- it won the Oscar for best short film in 1967.


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The magazine 3D World might have it or know where to lay hands on it. June or Julys issue had a disk full of 2007 animation shorts.

Jimmy Murakami lectures in my college, perhaps he'd know?

I'm sure someone in there has it.



I know Jimmy- I taught 5 years in Ireland. I wasn't sure what he was up to these days.

Where does he teach?

I would be interested in some of his films, too. BREATH is one film I keep hearing about - it won the Grand Prize at animation festival in Annecy in 1968 or so...though The Box is my first goal.


Jimmy's lecturing part time here in IADT, Dun Laoghaire. He only lectures the
4th years though, so i haven't seen him much.

I'll ask around college when I start back in a few weeks, if you haven't found it by then. I'm sure Steve Woods or someone like that knows how to get their hands on it.