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Online traditional Animation classes

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Online traditional Animation classes

This may be of interest to those of you looking to expand your animation skills but who are not able to attend a traditional on-campus art school:

The Academy of Art University offers traditional animation classes (hand-drawn and stop-motion) online . (alongside of CG animation classes) .

New classes launching in Fall 2008 semester include :

ANM 380 Stop Motion Animation 1 - taught by stop-motion animator and author Ken Priebe. Ken is the author of the noted book The Art of Stop Motion Animation . This is a unique course in that is one of the few classes in traditional stop-motion puppet animation offered online by an accredited university. Ken will be following up this class with Stop Motion Animation 2 . (The Academy of Art also has several other Stop-Motion and Puppet Making classes in development for launch online in the near future.)

ANM 261 Introduction to Effects Animation taught by Kathleen Quaife . Kathleen is a veteran effects animator having worked for Don Bluth, Disney, Warner Bros. Feature Animation , and many other places. She is one of the strongest , most knowledgeable effects animators in the business and has been very successful in applying her traditional effects skills to digital production using Flash and ToonBoom. See examples of Kathleen's work here: Kathleen Quaife reels

ANM 375 Maquette Sculpting - taught by former Disney artist and sculptor Jason Peltz. Examples of Jason's work may be seen on his website: Jason Peltz maquette examples

These new classes are in addition to the traditional animation classes that the Academy of Art already offers , including :

[B]Introduction to Animation

Animation Assisting

Experimental Animation

Introduction to Storyboards & Animatics

History of Animation

Character Design & Drawing For Animation [/B]

and many others.

We are in the process of adding many exciting new classes to our online animation department, including Vector-Based 2D Animation, Layout, Background Painting , Advanced Storyboarding.

General information about The Academy of Art University's Online program can be found here : The video presentation How Online Classes Work is a good overview of the Academy's online program.

To read about the animation degrees offered see here : Animation Degrees Offered by Academy of Art University.

-David Nethery
Coordinator of Online 2D Animation
Academy of Art University

Something I forgot to mention about these online animation classes listed above:

These classes are part of a full degree program in Animation, but you can take individual classes as Continuing Education for personal enrichment .

See here for info. - Continuing Education Personal Enrichment

Some of the classes do have prerequisites , so if you are not enrolled in a degree program and are taking it for Personal Enrichment then you will need to contact the admissions office to show completion of a similar course or "equivalent knowledge". (i.e. industry experience )

-David Nethery
Coordinator of Online 2D Animation
Academy of Art University