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Anime and Cartoons

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Anime and Cartoons

I am a fan of cartoons from all regions. I feel it weird for people to be loyal toward a particular region's cartoons. I think the "Phineas and Ferb" and "Fairly Oddparents" of the world can co-exist the "Lucky Stars'" and "Azumanga Daiohs'." All animated series have their pros and cons.

Pros for anime include: detailed animation with human looking characters, larger than life stories, locations, and ideas that stretch the imagination, and huge illustrative eyes.

Pros for cartoons include: a wide variety of animation styles, stories anyone can enjoy, and little dots for eyes that are still very descriptive.

What are some pros that both anime and cartoons share?

(Yes, this is my first time posting a thread.:)

And your point for starting this discussion is exactly what?

Look, the topic's been discussed to death around here. If you want to know what others had to say about it, do a keyword search. The anime vs. Western war is long over.

who cares, anime is good american cartoons are good

animation these days have all gone down in quality compared to old school looney tunes and old school disney anyway

And your point for starting this discussion is exactly what?

My point is that cartoons and anime are should not be lumped as separate genres. Animation is animation and I think that cartoons from all over the world should be appreciated because millions enjoy them. I just wanted to know the opinions of others.