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Transitioning from one production to the next

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Transitioning from one production to the next

I'm in that limbo state where on production is finishing and I'm not quite sure about the next one. Some possibilities are out there, some positive interviews but nothing definite yet. Waiting for some green lights and star alignment.

I come from a corporate background and have always had a steady job. Since I've transitioned into the animation production world, I've been lucky enough to work on a feature film (production) and an animated tv series (bg layout). I find it very sad saying goodbye to my coworkers and the studio. I get bummed with every goodbye email.

Until a fulltime gig comes my way, if it ever does, how do you deal with end of production? And of course coupled with the end of one job comes the stress of looking for and starting the next one.

Just curious how people deal. I'm really lucky in that I haven't had to do any travel for work. I'd love to hear those stories, too, because it wouldn't be out of the question for me to have to do that.

It's the waiting game, plain and simple. I haven't worked in a studio in months, been doing odd illustration and web design jobs and I had an interview with one of Germany's bigger computer game studios who wanted 3D interns but said they like my design work better. They're in the middle of production of two games but told me once they get started on their next I might come aboard. Right, ready when you are, guys. Until then I've been preparing some stuff I hope to be able to present soon-ish. Yesterday a work offer from a game design company fluttered into my inbox. Sent them an email that I'm interested, re-initiated twiddling thumbs. Patient persistence, persistent patience.