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Voice Talent: I've Got It Myself...Now How to Profit?

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Voice Talent: I've Got It Myself...Now How to Profit?

Daddy* needs a new Wacom pen and a ticket to California - so I'd find it rather ducky to profit off of my vocal talents. I've spotted a place called, but it looked a bit shady. Have any of you any advice for finding some voiceover work - in animation or anything else, on a freelance basis? I've recording equipment at home, so it needn't be local; I can just (e) mail it off.

Thanks much.

* A reference to myself in the third person using a common (in America) expression - not a reference to my actual father.

I'm a working Canadian voice actor and multimedia producer. Try hooking up with TV stations across the US. If you use a search engine you will easily find stations. I found it effective to go to each station's web site and find contacts in their creative departments. Send a polite email and ask them if you can send them an MP3 demo of your voice. You'll have to spend some time doing the grunt work of searching and emailing but I found this to be most effective. As a long time member of AWN forums I have not found that there are not a lot of people here looking to pay for voice and sound design. But occasionally there might be a good conection to be made. Good luck with it!


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