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Kung Fu Panda

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Kung Fu Panda

What an absolutely wonderful movie. IMO, the best film to come out of DWA by a mile. A solid story, great characters, and no pop-culture references to speak of. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

[...] and no pop-culture references to speak of.

Say what now? Hm, this is sounding better and better!

What an absolutely wonderful movie. IMO, the best film to come out of DWA by a mile. A solid story, great characters, and no pop-culture references to speak of. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Your telling me. I was genuinely surprised that the movie was actually pretty good.

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nice movies

Its relay great product . i like that movies too much . good work effort by Kung Fu maker

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A Dreamworks film that isn't filled with lame pop culture references?! You surely jest!

I might have to see it...


Check this out :

Shine Studio who handled the design of the end-credits for Kung Fu Panda have posted their credit sequence on their website.

"Michael Riley, Shine’s creative director, composed images of traditional Chinese landscapes, calligraphy and 2D character animation set in a 3D landscape all choreographed to the classic Carl Douglas song “Kung Fu Fighting”; remixed by Cee-Lo Green, accompanied by Jack Black. Riley’s concept included reprising the film’s main characters in original cell animations by finding them hidden in a gigantic Chinese calligraphy character. This mix of disciplines required a tremendous collaboration between Shine, James Baxter Animation and the DreamWorks Animation team of animators, production designers and directors."

The opening dream sequence and the end credits which reprise the look of the 2D dream sequence were definitely a few of the high points of Kung Fu Panda for me.


I've since read that the hand-drawn character animation in the end-credit sequence was animated at DreamWorks Animation by the following animators:

Panda: Gabriele Pennacchioli
Shifu: William Salazar
Tigress: Rodolphe Guenoden
Tai Lung: Philippe Le Brun
Mantis: Ken Morrissey
Viper: Rodolphe Guenoden
Crane: Simon Otto
Oogway: Ken Morrissey
Dad (Duck): Alessandro Carloni
Messenger Goose and Rhino: Pierre Perifel
Monkey: Gabe Hordos

The opening dream sequence was animated at James Baxter Studios.

Well dayum, I'm gonna have to see that, like, inna theatre. I can't even remember which was the last CG feature that wasn't a Pixar that I went to see during its theatrical run. (Of course, I can't help but wonder why they didn't hand-animate the entire movie, looking at that credits sequence.)

I can't believe it... the previews looked incredibly lame...

...but sometimes nature pulls the dross out from under us...


And now the Opening Dream Sequence animated by James Baxter Studio
has been posted at MSN Movies . Enjoy, but go see it in the theater if you haven't already. The artwork is very rich and detailed and can best be appreciated on the big screen.

Kung Fu Panda Opening Dream Sequence

Storyboard and Direction by Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Animation Director - James Baxter
Asst. Animation Director- Chris Sonnenburg

Producer - Hameed Shaukat
General Manager - Kendra Baxter

Key Clean-Up Artist - Helen Michael
Rough In-Betweener/Asst. Clean-Up - Raymond Flores Fabular

Compositors - Jason Brubaker , Erik Tillmans
Color Models - Claire Williams
Ink & Paint - Tina Staples
Line Art Scanner - Marisa Ledina

Accounting- Lauren Matthews-Hill


This is an up date on "Kung Fu Panda". Most of you probably know that this movie is now out on DVD. If you get a chance you should check out the audio commentary on this movie. They discussed color theory that was used in the production of the movie. For me, it was very interesting.