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Pitch Bible as a video presentaion instead?

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Pitch Bible as a video presentaion instead?

Is this frowned upon? Rather than speaking a load of stuff why not show it on a video with apporiate music, character voices etc... to show off your idea? Then just be available afterwards for questions. You could also then take it away with you too.

Any one tried this?

What's your motivation behind it? Are you nervous about speaking in front of the group, or feel you can get your concepts over better through video?

I say do a combo - - part of it should be you talking, not at length, but to show your passion and the what/why/where/how of it. Always a plus to have goodies to show off, such as video, drawings, blow ups.

Yeah got it in one. I'm a visual/sound person, I can write things well when I have time to play and consider the wording, but in terms of speaking I fail miserably to portray what I could a hell of a lot easier in visuals.

My idea would be to get a good voice over artist to read out all the pitch bible, cut it with the concept art and possible music ideas too, a really cool package to get the feeling across, show that straight off the bat to get them hooked then be available for questions at the end in person.
That way nerves won't screw up the pitch and it'll be perfect everytime.

Do you have to creat an actual printed copy? Is this simply so you can leave it behind, could I just leave a CD instead?

Personally I don't think this is a very good idea. From what I've heard from several development people from multiple large studios they don't want pitches so locked down. It may sound counter intuitive, but they've all said they want a few sketches of some of the main characters to give them a feel of the look and feel of the characters and the world. Then they want a synopsis of several episodes, and several other episode ideas.

If your idea is too fleshed out, Full character work ups, BGs finished, some animation, blaa blaa blaa, they tend to shy away. When they see this, they know this is your baby, and will oppose any changes they will have.

What they want from you is a great premise, and the knowledge that your premise can sustain a full season or two or seven. These studios have a huge stable of talented artists so nailing all that down doesn't mean much to them.

Most artists aren't great at presenting. But if you have a great idea, they'll see it.

As for a cd, thats a pain in the ass. You can't just hand over a cd to someone and say check out this guy's pitch. You have to find a computer, load the cd. Ooops it doesn't run on this computer. Lets try another computer, well I'll just check it out later. Nah, paper is much better. Make things as easy as possible for these people.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

agree with Ape.

also, if you come up with an idea or you want to tweak something that is liked or disliked by them you can do it right away.