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Are you looking to get into Videogames?

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Are you looking to get into Videogames?

Hi There,

I see that there are a lot of people looking for games jobs.

It's not impossible. I hire graduates...occasionally.

We have about 2 vacancies at the moment.

What you have to show:

You have to be unbelievably good. Really outstanding stuff. That goes without saying.

No one will hire an incomplete animator asking for 'Training'. Sadly everyone seems to think they're amazing and a victim of inexperience. Have a look around Google for 'Games animator portfolio' and see what the standard is.

About 90% of animation Graduates have wasted their time.

So now let's assume you're the top 10%.

You need a reel that shows great character animation - that is a biped running, walking, jumping etc....all the things you see in games. Don’t try to make an entire FMV by yourself. You’ll be spreading yourself too thinly.

Your art is unimportant. No one is looking for a junior all-rounder. Just the rig is OK - so long as it shows life (usually human life – cartoony stuff could be a style but it usually means you can’t do realistic movement)

Then you have to be ready to relocate anywhere in the UK (Nearly all the companies I work with are in the UK)

You're probably not going to get your first job in Soho.

And you need to be a EU citizen.

If you can tick all these boxes you might end up with a job to send you on your way to fame and fortune! :)

Then you get in touch to today if you're interested/ qualified.

I’m available on 0870 3000987 or email me (Dylan) on

I look forward to hearing from you