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anime studio pro

Ive done a good bit of stop-mo and some CGI. in fact I just finished an hour-long film entitled "Fishbowl". (a mix of live action and animation)

I am intersted in doing some 2d animation next. Don't have a lotta funds so I bought a copy of Anime Studio Pro, my initial tests seem pretty nice and it has some juicy features to it like the "switch layer" feature (plus the 3d stuff).

Im thinking of doing sort of a hybrid technique of "paper-cut-out" combined with "vector drawing" or as I like to call it, "moving dots around".
some folks have said that drawing frames is a no-no with this program. could someone please elaborate? not certain if Im stepping into quicksand and would like to hear thoughts of experienced folks. please holler at me... whos used this program?
thank you

I use ASP and love it, but I can tell you now that it is not meant as a frame-by-frame "draw into the program with a tablet" animation program.

There is, however, a way to do "point animation" where there are no bones around and you basically move the points around and morph your character into whatever pose etc.

I've never tried it on such a large scale (my characters are fully "boned" for everything although I do animate the points occasionally for some shots) so I can't really help you.
But, I'd recommend getting an account and posting on the AS forum. The guys there, who know more about the technical stuff then me, may be able to help you out:

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thanks man! I will...
BTW, just for the record, my intention is to use bones *and* points extensively. It really looks like the way to approach a quality animation by an (I mean one) autour (sp?) as opposed to an entire studio team.