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BIG Pitch Meeting

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BIG Pitch Meeting

Hi Gang,

I'm feeling pretty good about a pitch meeting I have to introduce my kid's tv show concept to a top children's network this coming week. I thought I would just throw it out there to you all to see what, if any, advice or suggestions you may have from prior experience for my mtg.

fingers and toes crossed and best to you all

My meeting was awesome!

care to expand on tht?

Sure, I have been developing a children's tv program now - off and on - for about 2 years. Some of you know this already, as I have worked with a couple of you to bring my ideas to life. I have sent my pitch book out to various production companies and networks, I did get a lot of replies back with positive encouragement. My meeting this week was one where they hadn't seen ANYTHING for the show, and there really were impressed. It was just a first step. Next steps? I have to reach out to production companies to gather interest to get financing, etc. and I can then go back to the network to see if their schedule would have an opening when we are ready to go. All in all, i was quite pleased -- and pumped about it. I also learned a few things about the whole experience for next time.