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What other forums do you know of that are as active and as worthwhile as AWN? is going strong lately. They have a lot of neat features for animators, and more to come.

actually, I know that one already. Any others?

There's a few out there:

Cartoonbrew is one I have heard of but never participated in. is another that is more all encompassing ( more than just animation)

Although I'm not a fan of the site owner, Animationnation is yet another, where the focus is mostly on animation.......or politics-depending on the day of the week, phase of the moon.
Of coruse there is the wild frontier of Usenet, it has a few unmoderated animation-devoted forums--but you take your chances with them.

The trick is to find a group that can discuss the craft and allow people to have their say, and not allow trolls or overbearing personal agendas to run rampant.

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