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Disney's Flash killer app

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Disney's Flash killer app

Interesting. I didn't know that this program even existed. That computer they are using is like a hundred years old

wow its amazing what they could do with such old technology D:

William Wright, its you! the hero of KVATCH!

That's the Commodore Amiga, young 'n's.
It was the graphics and animation computer (for the home market) of its day. That resolution is 320 x 200.
It was a cool got a small morgue of demonstration Disney animation and a cool little booklet about animation.
I seem to remember scanning line drawings and bringing them into that resolution required a lot of cleaning up of pixels after.
I knew that Sam Palahnuk guy. He produced a few games I worked on back then.

I agree with the G-man. Here's a little tribute to the Amiga in the form of an animation made with Disney Animation Studio on an actual Amiga and released a month ago on YouTube:

ahh the amiga c: I made my first few animations on one of those, then the highschool replaced em with windows 98 pcs :C .... or was it acorn? cant remember now.

William Wright, its you! the hero of KVATCH!