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a little fun with the cloak

you will need adobe shockwave, should auto install

I never know whats going on in your clips. The animation is very random. There seems to be no reasons for your characters to move either emotionally or physically.

Also that, is one of the most scariest female models I've seen. She has strange looking boobs and the cleavage runs all the way down to her pelvis.

Work on a more pleasing looking model, if you modeled her, and put more effort into your animation.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

to some degree she was supposed to look odd a little angry, possibly disturbing to some and she has no breast. the face is set up for animation but I rarely use it. even though most animation involves the face I prefer to leave it blank. and as youve noticed there is a randomness to my post. Im not to big on standards and following them which is why there seems to be no reason for the motion. its not that Im unaware of them. from time to time I follow them but thats for the sake of doing something different. because I normally dont

test that will use more rope

a little fun with a signature

just checking the character blend

tree line