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trying to find tv cartoon scripts

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trying to find tv cartoon scripts

Hello Forum,

I'm just starting work on a pilot script and pitch for a TV cartoon series. I'd like to find scripts of existing shows to get a feel the format. I'm looking for shows that have two short episodes per show, like Dexter's Lab, Ren & Stimpy, etc. I've tried Drew's Script-O-Rama, Daily Script and google searches, to no avail. Suggestions?


its hard to find exact formats a lot of times even some of the scripts you read on sites are usually a transcript rather than the actual script.

i would suggest downloading celtx which is free to get a feel for how scripts are formatted for various sources.

you could also go in for Final Draft which is what i use but you have buy it (though they might have a demo)

there are several templates for different formats in there, however not for animation.

look what google found for me:

various ren and stimpy scripts! :)