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Lost Boys Learning - Studio Tour Spring '08

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Lost Boys Learning - Studio Tour Spring '08

Yet another fun trip to Vancouver to tour through the VFX scene. Here's an overview of what we saw.

Feel free to visit our studio tour gallery page to see more photos. (This forum only allows four images...)


Always an early start, we grab our coffees and set out on the Ferry ride over to Vancouver.

Our first stop is at Technicolor. Chris, VFX Producer, took us into their conference room where we screened their latest demo reel and discussed some current industry gossip. Next he toured us through their facility with one highlight being a demo of their new digital intermediate Lustre suite. The Colorist showed us some of his recent color grading for the upcoming film based on the hit video game “Crysis.”
“Technicolor services all filmmakers—from major film studios to independent production companies to university film students. We provide film and digital services and electronic distribution through state-of-the-art technologies and an efficient distribution pipeline.”[/I]

Always an early start, we grab our coffees and set out on the Ferry ride over to Vancouver.

Next up was Moving Picture Company’s (MPC) new Vancouver division. Originally based out of London, MPC has several satellite studios positioned in key markets. Their Vancouver division has recently become fully operational and were working on shots from an upcoming film based on “The Watchmen” of DC Comics. Although new to Vancouver, MPC appears to have collected a solid team of talented artists. MPC is poised to become a major player in Vancouvers future VFX scene.

“MPC provides the very best in digital visual effects and post production for the international advertising, television and feature film industries.

MPC uses and develops the best tools and techniques for the job and delivers the most creative work on time and to budget. "

After a quick lunch break, we headed out into East Vancouver to visit Artifex Studios. Artifex is a boutique VFX Studio that has a primary focus on servicing VFX intensive television series and feature films. We were very fortunate to be presented with some in depth demonstrations of their pipeline. Creature work, immense fluid simulations, render layers with Rendermans EXR format and compositing in Nuke; the staff artists gave us a great show. It is clear to see that Artifex has a healthy atmosphere of teamwork and take great pride in their work.

“Our goal is to heighten the VFX and 3D experience both technically and artistically. Though utilizing the latest in equipment and technology, our finest resource lies in the artists who create the imagery – Makers. Experts – it’s all in the name.”


From there we moved on to Radical Entertainment. Radical is a little off topic being a Game Developer but the students were interested in taking a peek into a future career cross over option. We met with Fernando and he explained how to best approach the gaming industry as an artist for hire and also discussed current shifts with their pipeline structure.

“Radical Entertainment is a video game developer located in Vancouver, British Columbia. We create and develop games for all current and next generation platforms. With over 15 years of experience and over 300 very talented employees we are well on our way to creating even more successful products.

We are proud to have recently released hit titles such as Scarface: The World is Yours, Crash Tag Team Racing, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and The Simpsons Hit & Run.”

Last on our tour we headed down to Vancouver’s historic Gastown district to meet with artists from Anthem Visual Effects. The artists at Anthem showed us their recently updated reel, and impressive Tin Man montage with breakdowns and my personal favorite their gruesomely delicious horror montage. Anthem has developed a niche for itself within the television market servicing series, miniseries and movies of the week. (MOW’s)

“Anthem has recently completed over 1,500 effects for the Sci Fi Channel miniseries “Tin Man”, and are currently at work on the NBC anthology series “Fear Itself” (previously Showtime’s “Masters of Horror”)”


And to wrap up our pilgrimage, past and present Lost Boys converged at the infamous Cambie for and dinner and a pint of beer or two. Networking is important, make friends at every possible moment!



Lost Boys Learning offers a one year intensive diploma program, providing Visual Effects Training for Film and Television in a studio environment. We are currently taking applications for the 2008-2009 program. Full details are available on our website at

Small correction to my ramblings...

The movie Technicolor was working on, instead of "Crysis" it should have read "Far Cry."