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Drawing/Animating Water, Smoke, Fire, Weather and Other Effects

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Drawing/Animating Water, Smoke, Fire, Weather and Other Effects

Hi! Just wondering if anyone knew of any particularly good articles on the internet or in print, or books, or videos, etc., relating to the subject of this post. There's a heck of a lot out there on the drawing of organic entities and, by extension, character animation, naturally, but so far I've not really found much on drawing or animating effects apart from a bit in Tony White's old book.

Please note that I'm inquiring not only on how one would animate them, but also the different approaches to drawing and stylizing them.

Thanks! Bye!

I used to work in the effects departments at Warner Bros. and Dreamworks Feature animation a few years back. I've put together an online tutorial on drawing and designing smoke:

I've also animated a bunch of effects and have them online, you can look at them here, if you click on the thumbnails you'll see a low-res animated version:

Flash Character Packs, Video Tutorials and more:

If you love this type of animation take a look at this great post on Pat Smith's blog :

Fantasia 2000 "The Firefbird"[/URL]

A few years ago these were posted here at AWN, it may have been BlueHickey that posted them.

I apologize if the original poster no longer wants to share. We tried to get AWN to put up a tutorial area where these things could be shared. I know I have learned from them.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Some more:

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

One more in the water series:

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Also check out the blog of ace Effects Animator Kathleen Quaife:

She's got examples of her effects work posted .

Hey, sorry I haven't had the time to check this thread much!

Just posting to give my thanks to everyone who's responded - I really appreciate the links and information!

woah, great stuff. thank you!