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GROUNDBREAKING... literally.

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GROUNDBREAKING... literally.

TSNStudios is introducing a groundbreaking technology for demolition visual effects, check out their reel and library: :cool:

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Stop Buzzin' the Love Boat

Stop Buzzin' the Love Boat

Demolition Previsualization

When it comes to demolition, filmmakers can count on one thing; they are going to need a huge budget for a few scant seconds of spectacular film. The fundamental truth is demolition, costs time, manpower, and money, and that affects a production’s impact and bottom line.

Full Story Here

Stop Buzzin' the Love Boat

Wow that's really cool!

i like.................

Pretty amazing what kind of animations are capable of being made with a computer anymore.

Siggraph 2008

TSNStudios will be at SIGGRAPH 2008!

Join us in Los Angeles in August for the highest quality, most timely educational experiences the community has to offer, presented by the most powerful and most engaging leaders in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

We won't have a booth, but our people will be networking the entire week, keep an eye out for them, or setup a meeting ahead of time through the TSNS website. :)

See you there!

Stop Buzzin' the Love Boat

This reel is INCREDIBLE...a lot of the stuff shown here I've always dreamed of wanting to be able to do in my animations. That of course is a long way away for me, but anyway.

It's very impressive stuff and is a shear joy to witness benchmark tools like this arriving and being put to good use in films.


Michael J. Dowswell
Independent Animator/Director