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Ralph Sutter's Indiana Jones Spoof

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Ralph Sutter's Indiana Jones Spoof

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I last posted anything new, so here is my latest project! I am currently working on my final project for Digital Ink and Paint, and since the new Indiana Jones movie is set to release in May, I felt inspired to make a spoof about everyone's favorite hero.

I have only worked on what I have so far for a week or so, and it is still a work heavily in progress (still needs several backgrounds and a thorough clean-up), but I wanted to share it with you nonetheless.

Please let me know what you think!

Here is the link:

Let me know if you have any trouble opening the link or if the Flash movie seems to play wrongly.


Ralph Sutter

PS/ The file might take a few seconds to load.


One week? It's VERY good!

The music, efx etc...sound great (big, high quality). The animation and characters are good. The backgrounds and text work well.

The storyline...while not unexpected (Indy's gotten old and is dealing with it) still amusing.

I like the way you drop us in on a close-up of Indy rocking back and makes you wonder what he's up to. Nice pay-off when we finally see the wheel chair.


Nits: You could drop from him rocking to the chair a bit quicker. And then the rest of him rolling along is a bit long. ie: You could cut passing the bathrooms...and go from him at the NZ poster...right to the Dr's office.

OTOH...I'd like to see a bit more of the Dr. He's an interesting character.

The scene of Indy and pants is timed well. And your Sean Connery is instantly recognizable. (there's a small glitch around his mouth before he speaks)

Idea: Give your characters a bit more space and movement for their mouths. The lip sync and mouth shapes for all the characters are to look like they've eaten something sour and it's pulling their mouth in.

I had mixed feelings about the ending in the Men's room. It's funny...but I found it...uh...just a tad uncomfortable to have to watch and LISTEN to someone else doing their business.


If your committed to keeping that scene in...maybe lowering the volume on the it doesn't sound like he's going right in your ear would help.


All (hopefully helpful) analysis aside...this is a REALLY good project. I enjoyed it.

Thank you so much! That's very helpful feedback indeed :)
I will definitely adjust the lip synch's, as of right now they're
still in a rough shape as I was sort of still working out the timing.

The wheelchair scene can definitely use some cutting as well, I am
working on that as we speak, I will see if I can cut out half of the background
and shorten the overall time quite a bit. Adding, maybe, a scene in which the diagnose is being given to Indy verbally by the doctor (of course with a heavy German accent..."doc-zur zjuoh-nuss" :D .

As far as the end, that uncomfortable feeling was totally what I was going for
but I will make sure to adjust the volume on that particular sound effect :p

Thank you so much for the pointers!!!


Ralph Sutter

Can we swap abilities for a week or so? Pretty please? ;)

Wow, thanks for the compliment Black Spot!

It is nice to see when your work is appreciated after spending loads of time on it.

:: feels very flattered ::