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ASP "ME" Gothic stop-motion-music-video online

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ASP "ME" Gothic stop-motion-music-video online

forgot to post the credits:

Credits und Links:
Story and script - Asp
Line Producer & Story Consultant - Matthias Ambré
Jürgen Kling - Stop-Motion-animation / puppetmaking /
Camera / Lighting / Motion Control
Susie Jones - assistent Puppetfaricator
Ingo Römling - Concept Art
Jack Moik - Digital Mattepainting, Cut
Mark Dauth - Compositing
Viktor Klassen - 3D Modelling
Miriam Wagner - Concept Art
Sebastian Schminke - 3D Modelling
Thomas Klieber - Director / 3D
Ball and socket armatures -

and a little making of slideshow here:


Director Thomas Klieber posted a making of article about the production of "ME" at the z-brush board here:


Wow- I don't know why anyone else hasn't commented on this here, but this is a great piece of work! Your mix of Stop Mo and CG blends very well!

I wish you much luck with this piece. It's great!

Steve Ogden's Moon Town
New Animated Sci-Fi Series currently in development

This should get more love - It's great!

making of ASP "ME"

Really good atmosphere.