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I was reading about would be animators moan about only being able to do stick figures. Now I’m just a beginner, but it gave me a silly idea.;) Oops! Put the wrong url up.:o

I think I'm beginning to hate old buildings with all their curly bits. Slight miscalculation on the flag - you can only see half of it; can't lower it either. I did the crests on a separate page as I found a picture with loads of detail - one of them needs to be lowered slightly. Shame I couldn't do the same with the pillars. The top of the relief on the big one is supposed to be a crown - can you tell? I drew those once, reversed them and swapped a few shadows over.

these look great, you must have a ton of patience

Thanks Ken. I’ve given up television and the ironing to do this, the kids are lucky that that they still get fed.

Just to show I can paint from real life, here are some very old oils I did back in 1979. They’re painted on Daler board 7x5 so are tiny.

Thanks Ken.

Here’s one I’ve just done. Not too sure about the bases and might have to touch them up a bit.

Here's one I did today - The British Museum. The columns are a bit better.

I like the textures in these. Are they done in flash?

Thanks. :) No, I use Serif Drawplus8. I started with 4 (free) and upgraded, but I’m not using anything that wasn’t there in 4. I layer with transparencies a lot.

ah cool! I messed around with serif stuff before its pretty good! And saves taking out a mortgage to buy photoshop hahaha

Yeh. They kept nagging me to buy 8 for £10 and I leapt at the chance ;). Now I'm buying it for presents.

This one was done in 4.

Just finished this one.

Here’s a background figure. It goes to show what a difference a couple of months makes in technique - play spot the difference.

Here are a couple of the backgrounds I've done for my WIP.

The ones too big to load are here:

Z's picture

On many levels, that animation is bad. However, it is an amusing concept. Quirky ideas are very important. Good job. :P


Thanks. It took less then an hour to do, as I was just messing about, so I know it’s pretty rudimentary. I might take it a lot further on if I have the time later.:)

Another background completed.

real nice backgrounds :D

Here's the Royal Standard fluttering. It will go on top of the Buckingham Palace I'm doing and will only be on screen for a couple of seconds at most.