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Mobile Animation Company

Just wanted to drop in and mention my new studio:

EarWorm Media ( is a new animation studio that focuses on producing animated content for mobile devices, prompted by the emerging need for new media content.

Dr. Shroud”, the studio’s flagship property, has already made the successful leap from web to mobile and is now in active distribution on carriers worldwide including Verizon VCast and o2 in the UK. New episodes of Dr. Shroud, as well as a new animated series called “The Hyrde”, will follow in 2008.

While animated mobile video has yet to truly saturate North America, the “snack-sized” content has been a staple of Asian and European viewing diets for years. The rollout of faster mobile speeds through 3rd (3g) and 4th (4g) generation technology creates an ever growing demand for EarWorm’s creative niche.

The studio, conveniently located less than an hour from NYC and Philadelphia, has several projects scheduled in 2008 for major studios, but is also committed to producing content for studios of all sizes and budgets.

If you would like more information about EarWorm Media ( or how to make your content move into the mobile realm, please call Robert Feldman at 908-528-1377 or email


-Rob Feldman

hey Rob, did a bunch of work for a studio in Finland and for a major portal in India. fun work havent done anything for mobiles in a year..

You mentioned Finland and I am pretty sure my content went live there recently. Yeah, it's certainly bigger overseas.....interested to see where it goes in the next year here in North America.

Would love to see what you've done.....I couldn't readily find links from your blog....



hey, ill try and link you to some, i cant put it online as it was under contract, it was a while ago anyway (2 years nearly) we had one flash enabled handset and did most of our content for Flash lite. Just story telling, single gags, things like that.

wonder when the States will catch up, mobile content is def big in parts of Asia and Europe.

Cool, let me know if you can show it even privately.

I see mobile ramping up here in the states. The signs are clear, as more and more commercials and services have mobile options. Even the phone decks themselves have increased in the number of mobile video choices.

I set up my studio based on my mobile properties---I know people think that it's more of an extension of the Internet, but the structure of it all is honestly closer to tv.

What's funny is that people tend to look at mobile now the way they looked at the Internet in the late 90's. Times sure do change.


was just reading a study talking about the failure of tv on mobiles. how it has nto taken off in the United States.

your thoughts?

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