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The Best Animation Desktop PC?

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The Best Animation Desktop PC?

Hi there,

I'm currently getting heavy into Animation, am working my own film board funded project, but need a new computer cos the old one doesnt have the power capabilities.

Any one out there give advice on the best desktop PC? i know i need about 3GB ram, dual processor, and about 320GB space. Any advice on what manufacturer is the best and so forth??



What are you doing? 2D? 3D? Stop-motion? Flash? Some combination? The answer varies, depending...

Generally speaking, you want the fastest multi-core you can afford, as much RAM as you can stuff in, and a good-sized hard drive.

NCIX has good deals on computer hardware and custom built systems.

If you're working with Flash, I'd recommend at least two monitors.

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Dell it is

Cheers for the info,

yeah i think Dell do seem to be good all rounder pc, I'm working with Toon Boom and 3d Studio MAX, so yes RAM has to be big!! Been Loookin all round and people keep quoting me desktop in region of 2,000 sterling. Looking for a Desktop round 1000, 3-4gb RAM and Dual core, perhaps Xeon processor.

Thanks for all the help


I have yet to have a problem with my Dells. They build them for you and they are nice and quiet. And yes, fastest dualcore, and the most RAM you can afford. Lately I've been recommending smaller hard drives, then buy an big external one down the line. That's my preference.

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Don't skimp on your graphics card. If I had all kinds of money, this one would be on my wish list.

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I second Dells. Been using them for years (including some refurbs from their outlet for render stations) and have yet to have any issues with them.

If money is an issue (when isn't it) you can usually get the biggest bang for your buck by buying the 2nd fastest processor available.

If I could get any new computer out there.... right now I would get that new shiny quad core mac. It flies through render time in every program. But aside from not wanting another desktop, I just bought a Dell last year.
I also am VERY happy with my dell. I just got an external drive for it, 500gigs. It handles most everything I could ask for and its portable (I got an Inspiron) .

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