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Tytla! Anyone Know Where I Can Find a Ton of Roughs Drawn By Him?

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Tytla! Anyone Know Where I Can Find a Ton of Roughs Drawn By Him?

I want to study his rough animation drawings. So I'd be very grateful if any of you knew any sources -- in any format, on any media -- where I can see a whole bunch of them.


I don't know if it's still available , but there was a limited-edition book of Tytla's artwork published a few years ago by his widow Adrienne and his son Peter . The book is called "Disney's Giant" .

CartoonBrew had a note about it . Check it out :

Adrienne Tytla has recently released her long awaited book DISNEY’S GIANT. Part biography of Bill Tytla by his wife, part scrapbook, this huge volume (about 1000 pages) is extremely difficult to classify or to explain. Let’s just say that Disney historians had been awaiting this document for years and that it will not disappoint them. Let’s add that, because of its high price ($165) and its very specific focus (Bill Tytla), it is advised that only the most serious Disney historians buy it. To do so, send an email to Howard Green at howard (dot) green (at) disney (dot) com.

I think that at one time Peter Tytla had copies for sale, but I'm not sure about this . You could try contacting him , but this trail may be cold now , since it's been about 3 or 4 years since it was published .

Also, take a look here:

and here:

A brilliant start! Thanks again, David!

I guess a lot of the material I'd be looking for is probably locked away forever in a Disney vault with the original negatives of "Song of the South", the leftover pieces of the demolished 20k Leagues Under the Sea ride, and Walt's fabled collection of celebrities' underwear. :(