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Animation finalist at Beaufort

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Animation finalist at Beaufort


Great news!

Found out that our film OUR WORLD is one of four finalists at the Film Festival in Beaufort, SC. March 6th-9th, 2008.

We sent the film into Festivals that are close by - so we can attend.


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Congratulations, Larry!

And thanks for pointing out another (somewhat) local festival with animation!

On a side note, I noticed on their site that they have an animation workshop for two hours on (I think) Sat morning. Any idea what's involved in that?

The Animation Workshops

Hello ElusiveMoose,

About the animation workshops...I agreed to do the workshop months ago...if they wanted one.

When I received email notification that my film was a finalist, I called the person in charge of the judging. He told me he really liked OUR WORLD and he wasn't aware that I was also doing a workshop...he said the film had gotten in on it's own merits...which was cool!

The workshop is one that covers basics....flipbooks, the bouning ball, a jump, and some character design.