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animal Biped CG animation

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animal Biped CG animation

This is an animation i recently completed for :)

what do you all think? :)
Also this another background ..wich do u think is better? :D

Oi ..well i'll start from the bottom i guess.
Yeah the mods come with some basic movements maybe not this one now :)but we want to introduce something people can just play with. It's a very simple rig depending on the package your using. Like the max version uses the character studio rig for example.

Much appreciation for the amazing critz. Hmm I think this will be usefull for the next iteration. I'm trying to figure out a more animation friendly rig right now based in Maya. That has those suggestions built into the rigg the body rocking as it obsorbs energy at the stop.

"sample animation to be as good as" well i guess what we are thinking is more of a poser+ sorta thing.

"The model looks pretty good" Thanks Animated Ape about the model. We want to really offer some really great stuff for people to use so we figure we'll introduce new versions over time like DAZ does.

I think you done a really good work in modeling and skinning, but you need a little more work in animation, but thats what i think. The steps doesnt have too much heavy, they need to be stronger. But thats a little problem, the most "visual problem" (but as I said to you is only my point of view) are the chest and the arms. The arms need a little secondary animation following the chest.
But again: its a great job. And if you think that my opinion its not right, then probably you are right, :)

Another thing, if you're not able to read well my english, sorry for that, :))

Thank you mrmojorisin!

You know what? I appreciate that you shared your oppinion, so it's never bad. :)

Thanks about the model ..they are meant for sale to animators who want toys to excercise their craft on. As per the animation yeah i'm not sure wether to add the secondary animation there. :o The thing is we dont really want to make it perfect as it's more of a base motion to be augmented by other animators. So things like the chest breathing or the arms swaying are for others to play with. :D

I guess it could be added to the base rigg, but again it wasn't built to close the door on further play. We Will on the other hand be introducing some of those door closers in the following months.

We'll see.

The animation is lacking weight, and the camera shake is distracting. The model looks pretty good, but if this is ment for sale, I would think you want the sample animation to be as good as possible.

There is no up and down to the body and hips with each step. With out this you won't get a sense of weight. When the leg is reaching forward, the back leg is pushing off the ground raising the hips up. Also the chest appears to be rotating the same way as the hips. The chest and arms rotate opposite of the legs to counter act the force to balance him while he runs.

The stop is too sudden. It looks like a run cycle was interrupted and the trailing foot was just put down. Before an animal can stop, the body needs to anticipate the stop by rising up as the front foot comes forward to stop the animal. When he plants his foot and stops the torso and head will rock foward and down as the muscles absorb the energy. At the same time the back leg will come forward for a short half step to balance it's self. The head and torso will then settle upward. These are a few of the of the things that can help your animation.

Will the animation you've done also be included with the purchase of the model?

the Ape

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