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My Son on Lipstick Jungle

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My Son on Lipstick Jungle


This week Lipstick Jungle airs on NBC on Thursday nights...starring Brooke Shields, Kim Raver and Lindsay Price, Andrew McCarthy...

My son Matt, has a re-occurring role on the show as assistant (Roy) to Lindsay Price's character, Victory Ford. Matt appears from the third episode (Feb. 21st) on...He plays a very funny character!

Here is his listing on the IMDB with a picture- his listings will soon include the LJ episodes.

Yes, I am a proud dad.


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Next Thursday is the Day


If you saw the end of this week's show- the promos for next's week's featured Roy (Matt) answering the telephone for Victory Ford (Lindsay Price) when Joe Bennett (Andrew McCarthy) calls.

Matt plays a very funny character - enjoy!:D

no link? :(

Hey cool, glad they didn't cut the part. If he plays his cards right and people like his role, who knows? One of Germany's current top comedians started out playing small supporting roles in productions done by our resident king of comedy. Now he's a bigshot himself.

Congrats to you and your son, Larry. Great news. I'll have to try to catch some of these.

Good looking lad. Must take after his mom.;)
Congrats. You should be proud. Acting is tough.

Yes, its his Mom


Sure enough, it must be his Mom. Matt is a VERY funny fellow! Been out of school all of 6 months and he loves his craft.

We saw some dailies while in NYC over Christmas- a very well written show!

All my kids are that way, progressive and they do what they love... an actor, a horse trainer and a phylosopher (living in China). The girl are stunners too, glad they are me a break...I don't have to play the protective Dad any longer...


Congrats Matt and Larry! That's a huge break for Matt. Nothing against Matt, but I'm not going to be watching the show for him. Mmmmm Brooke Shields ;) I'll have to check out a few episodes.

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Yes, I would say that Brooke Shields, Kim Raver and Lindsay Price are VERY easy on the eyes.

Tonight in the lead up to the show they will be showing clips from the premiere party during commercial Matt and his wife Michelle may be on ...otherwise, he picks up in the third episode.

That was so cool!

We really enjoyed Matt's debut on LIPSTICK...he has a very funny part that will bring some lighter moments to the show.

He is on every show from here on out!