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Flash Potatoes 2008

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Flash Potatoes 2008

We're working to revamp this year. To get a preview of what the new site will look like, click on the potato in the lower center of my homepage. You may have to allow pop-ups for my site to see it.

Also, a friend of mine is working on an awesome media viewer that will be useful to any of you out there looking for a better way to display your content.

It's called Shadowbox and this is the link:

Lookin' good!

It's fun to see the second potatoe drop in as just a blueline. You gonna keep it that way?


rough animation

The potato characters will have a lot more animation to them, which will change based on what you're doing. There will be a lot of idle animations as well as specific reactions to what the user is doing.

I'm glad you brought that up about the rough animation. I'm a big fan of being able to see the rough animation. Maybe I'll have a button you can click to toggle between the roughs and the clean-up. There will also be a button to mute any voices or sound effects.

We're working on our first game as well, which will be available on the site.

Flash Potatoes

Yeah, I liked seeing the rough, too. Nice job.

Looking forward to the finished product.