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Calarts Animation Gallery Show

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Calarts Animation Gallery Show

Hello All-

I would just like to let people in the LA area know that Calarts Character Animation department is having its annual art show this Thursday (Jan. 23). I think the show technically starts at nine, but doesn't pick up speed until around 10 pm.

There will be art (obviously), music, caricature drawing, booze, food, and a lot of talented people.

The address is....

California Institute of the Arts
24700 McBean Pkwy
Valencia, CA, 91355

Just thought I'd get the information out there in case anyone was interested.


Sorry, it's the 24th not the 23rd. I should have glanced at a calendar before I posted, eh?


Anywhere we can go to see some pics from it?

I'm sure there will be pics available somewhere if you do a google search. I know the department is archiving it, but I don't know if they'll post the pics on the internet. I would take pictures, but sadly my digital camera seems to be missing. If I come across any, I'll let you know.