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Best Laptop


I need to buy a Laptop and I've been doing some research but I still can't find the right one. Some people say Mac is the best option but I don't use Macs (I would be willing to learn if it's the best option).

I work with Flash and Photoshop but I don'T want to leave 3D out. So, I know it should be very fast and with a lot of memory.

I now know that I should have a Core 2 Duo processor or similar, that it's best 2GB of RAM and preferably 17" screen.

My question now is which brand is the best?

I know I'll have different oppinions and that's good, then I'll find the reviews and decide but at least I want to have something to start with.

Thank you very much in advance!!


I remember the "religious" debates on this when I was in college. "If it's 2D, use a Mac, if it's 3D, use a PC." Of course, that was back in the late 90's. Nowadays, I'm not so sure it matters much.

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Thank you soooo much for your replies!

Now, if I decided to go for a PC, which brand would you suggest?

Thanks a lot!!


You don't need a Mac for Photoshop or Flash and probably shouldn't get one for 3D at all. There are less expensive options for power users.

Take a look at Dells, Sony, and Toshiba. Those are pretty good brands.

At the risk of turning this into a "religious" debate, I'm going to disagree with Beeblebrox. I recently switched to a Mac from a PC (both laptops), and part of the reason was the parity in cost when I started spec'ing a laptop for 3D - Maya, specifically. My 17" Macbook Pro was about the same price as a tricked-out-for-3D PC laptop would have been, and it doesn't have all the attendant problems of incompatibilities that PCs can have.

That said, the Toshiba laptop I replaced was a workhorse, and served me well for nearly three years.

Don't get me wrong. I use a Mac as my main desktop machine and I plan on getting a MBP for my next laptop. And I wouldn't have any problem using a MBP for Photoshop or Flash (although Flash has never run as well on a Mac as it does on a PC).

But Macs other than the Mac Pro are underpowered for 3D work compared to PCs and not as customizable. It would be adequate, but I guess that's a question of whether or not adequate is good enough.