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[Animation shorts] Trapitos al sol y El chorro

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[Animation shorts] Trapitos al sol y El chorro

Hi there, the last year we made two shorts... And now, as a new member (well, not so new, but from now will be here more times... I have problems to write in english, and i cant say what i want to say... thats make me annoying (?)).
Anyway... coming back to the animated shorts:

Here is the link to watch them

or in YouTube:

Opinions and critics are welcome...

Bye! (and thanks for watching!!)

I liked both of them. Recently had a similar plumbing mishap at my house. Have learned to replace washers instead of cranking the handle so hard it breaks.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

jajaja!... Thank you for the joke, phacker!... A. Ape, I really appreciate your comments, you are right 100%, about the fall: well, in a big screen it looks okey, je... the problem is with youtube, and small screen...
SpaceFighter: I know, the second is kinda lacked of scenes (and because that it seems wih no sense) to understand that the thief was escaping from police, he enters in a house and he notice that there is water running... I did not work well in preproduction, I should did a good storyboard, to test the story... also, the acting, and I'm not talking about "the weightless" (thats another item, :p), I should take more time, and work in some kind of scene where the thief look at his "precious", to settle that he's not entering the house to steal, he enters to hide... And then, inside the house we can realized that the water problem is so big, that even a thief (A not very conscious person) knows the importance of be concern about the theme... Something like that, jeje

Well, thanks to all... I cant keep "writing", my head gonna blow... because I'm not good with the english (I'm sure that you guys noted this) so: SORRY, SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH... :p

Your English is a lot better than my second year Spanish. But I understood your story lines, and thought both situations were pretty funny. Thought the parachute on the clothesline was really attractive.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

I looked at "El Chorro" and you did a nice job. The one thing that stood out for me is that your character had no mass. It looked to me like your character was weightless.

Maybe someone else can talk about this and give you some advice on what to do.

Thanks for reply!... and yes you are right about that... I tried to give him a weightless style, but i think i did not get the right effect... too weightless... but i was unable to correct this issue (time and patience)...
Anyway, I appreciate your comments and you are right, so I have to do more and more animation, :)...

The First One was cute but the second one didn't make any sense. Both were very simple and hadn't much animation going on, too short.

The sky diving short was pretty well done. I really like the cut to the woman coming out of the door.

There were a couple problems that I saw. First, your animation is to even. There is no snap to any thing, and all the movements feel like they are just on the default ease-in and ease-out settings.

Second, the fall at the end is too small to register. It might read better on a film screen, but he is still very small. I think it would be better to move him closer to the camera, and have him fall right behind the fence. I actually didn't even notice that he fell the first time I watched it.

You have a good start, but over all you need to work more on your timing and spacing along with giving the characters more weight.

the Ape

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