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how do i animate text being written?

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how do i animate text being written?

heya, questions in the title

im workin on a simple animation, im not gonna have dialog, but writing will appear on screen as if being would i go about doing this?

thanks in advance, help mucho appreciated. :D

In traditional cel animation this would be called a "scratch off" shot. The lettering would be inked on a cel with the completed word or words on the first frame , then on each successive frame the cameraman would scratch off a bit of the the lettering going from right to left , frame-by-frame, until the cel was blank. The film would then be reversed when it was printed , so that the lettering appeared frame by frame as if it was being written. Same principle can be used with modern digital (non-cel) animation.

I've attached an example that I did with TVPaint Animation .

I wrote the completed word (Hello!) on one frame and repeated it for 48 frames on the TVPaint timeline. Then I successively erased back portions of the word frame-by-frame and at the end I reversed the frames and saved it as a Quicktime movie.

In my final movie the word appears frame by frame.

You can adjust the timing (how quickly or slowly the word is written) by making an increment guide on a separate layer and use that to guide you frame by frame on how much or how little of the lettering to erase on each successive frame . It can appear quickly in 12 frames or slowly over 120 frames , or any timing you choose. You could match it to animation of a hand holding a pen or a paintbrush to make it appear that the pen is writing the word or words.


hey thanks very much for the responses, im jus gonna play around with the diff ways of doing it

i was talking to my brother and he was telling me how his friend uses flash to map the direction of an animated eraser over the writing, then i guess reversing the animation

theres so many ways of doin it i guess :)

Ha. I remember an animator years ago saying he did that scratch away technique for footprints. He said the cel paint was mixed with soap!
Oh this sooo easy in Flash. It is the counter modern to what David described the old way.
When you type out your text break it apart (Ctrl + B) twice. First time you break it apart individual letters are objects, once more the word is now a shape. on frame 1 you have your text in Flash. Keyframe on frame 2 and erase a bit of the word from the right. Key frame again on frame 3 and erase a bit again from the right. Key frame again etc repeating the procedure erasing a bit of the word from right to left.
When you press enter and see it play it of course is erasing right to left.
So select the layer, right click , choose reverse frames and now your text writes! You can copy the timeline into a symbol so you may scale and move the animation as it writes.

I don't get codes, actionscripting or masking. This is so easy.

wax is another free program that does writing text automaticaly

Mike Futcher -

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