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Looking for Animation Schools

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Looking for Animation Schools

Hello everyone.

I'm new here at this forum, but I joined it because I thought it could be very helpfull. I'm just barely iniciating on animation.
I have just graduated in Art School where I live, but they dont have good animation schools around here.

So I am seriously thinking of going somewhere abroad to study it. But I dont want to just go to any school. I would like to know some GOOD ones, because as I have seen, some arent that well recognized.

My main problem though is Price. So I would be needing to look for a school where I could get a job at the same time to be able to afford my studies and living expenses. Or it would be even better if there was a possibility to get a scholarship or something like that somewhere.

So what I'm asking is that if anyone can help me, indicating me a few schools that you know are worth going to, that I could check out over the Internet. Anyplace where classes are in English since I only speak Portuguese and English.

It could be in Europe, Canada or USA.
Either graduation or Post Grad even maybe. Or any Trainee programs if anyone knows of any?

Here is my first try at animation if anyone want to check it out. It was made with traditional lino prints and digital drawings.

Thx in advance!!

Hi Rafael,

I checked out your project and I thought it was really nice!
There is a whole thred dedicated to schools in the main forum, but I would recommend Animation Mentor as far as animation schools. It is only 3d animation now, but the same principles apply to both 2d and 3d. This school only teaches animation, so it is really focused.
It is taught online, so you wouldn't have to move. Students from all over the world go to Animation Mentor. THe teachers are all professional animators and are working in major studios. It is an 18 month program, and I am in the last class right now. It has been an amazing experience and I have learned so much!
I think the price is now about $16,000 for 18 months, which is a fantastic deal compared to other schools.
I am an illustrator who did some Flash animation, so I really didn't have much 3d experience going into this school.
Check out the website at to see some student animations and to learn more about it.
Good luck!