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Ana Mia. My graduation Project.

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Ana Mia. My graduation Project.

Greetings people.

Im an art student in Brasil, and though my college does not include any animation subjects (it is a classical art school), I did my graduation project on animation. Using both digital drawing and traditional lino prints in it.

It was my first attempt at animating so please take that in consideration when you comment something! :p

Here it is, please say what you think.

I'm very interested in this area and now I'm looking for a post graduation in animation. If anyone could help me with indications, some good places to study it anywhere in the world where classes are in English, I'd be glad haha!



nice draws... very strongs, full of expression... Sorry my english, :)

buenos dibujos.... muy fuertes y cargados de expresión... muy buena realizacion...


Wow, strong visual style. Hard to believe that it's your first attempt. The paceing and story telling is also very strong/tight. Nice work. send it to festivals.

Welcome to the AWN Forums Rafaelmox.

Great work on your graduation project short. For your first time animating it looks great! Even if it wasn't your first time animating, it was great. Very well done. A very powerful visual style to match an equally powerful message.

Some of the animation was a bit choppy, like the runway model walk, but intentional or from lack of experience, it worked well with the with the art direction of the short.

As for animation schools, there are many. Cal Art in Los Angeles California is one of the best in the USA. There is also Sheriden in Canada. Gobelins, is argueably THE top animation school in the world, but they speak french as the schools in France.

Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Mahlo for sharing,
the Ape

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That's excellent for a first attempt at animation. The timing needs a bit of work, but man...for a first effort, that's excellent.


Keep animating, you are good.

The storytelling is very well done, and the style is solid. The animation is primative but understandably so. Good Job. Yeah, you should look into Cal Arts, I'm planning on going there next year.