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Summer Internships

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Summer Internships

Hi there everyone

First off I would like to start with an apology; I'm sorry if this kind of question gets asked all the time, or is perhaps not allowed, but please don't flame the hell out of me! Feel free to delete my topic if I've stepped on any toes.


my name is Sam, and I am an animation student currently studying in England. At the moment, the outlook for my summer is either flipping burgers, stacking beer crates, or selling double glazing over the phone, none of which really look all too appealing form where I'm sat right now.

So basically I have decided to try and get some work experience (or an internship as you guys say) over in America for the summer, as it has always been a goal of mine to end up working there some day, and an internship for the summer seems like a good place to start.

Now I'm not asking you guys directly here, instead I am just wondering if anyone can suggest some accessible studios to me, so that I can send them an email or give them a call in regards to perhaps coming and working for them (free of course) over the summer, sort of any time between May and September.

I am much more interested in classical 2D animation than anything else, but am having trouble finding many studios that seem to be producing any interesting output, all I can find in my searches is tons of CG studios, which isn't so much what I'm after.

I am lucky enough to be going to LA next week, so if anyone knows of any relevant studios in the LA area, so as I can send them an email now then go crash in on them when I'm out there and perhaps wrangle an internship out of them, the suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I understand a lot of studios take students on as part of a college course, but, being in a different country, I am obviously exempt from this, so will have to find a studio willing to take on people other than just US college students.

OK I seem to have rambled on quite a bit here, so I'll sum up!

Looking for a studio to take on an eager as hell UK animation student between May-September 2008! Anywhere in America is good, LA would be peachy (just cause I'm going there next week so could go talk face to face), as is Canada.

Thanks very much!

P.S. Apologies again if this kinda question isn't allowed, and for the rambling nature of this post - cheers!