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Anything going on in Los Angeles soon?

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Anything going on in Los Angeles soon?

Hi there everyone, just a quick question here.

I'm currently an animation student in England, and lucky enough to be travelling out to Los Angeles on the 13th, just to go and check out some art galleries, maybe see if I can set up some work experience for the summer out there, and also just to visit hehe.

Basically, just wondering if anyone knows of any animation-related events or suchlike going on in the Los Angeles area between the 13th and the 23rd of January so I can go check it out? Any animation pilgrimages I should undertake in the area? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Also, if anyone could perhaps point me in the direction of any 2d-based studios in the area, so that I can blast them off an email and then go thrust my portfolio in their faces when I'm out there with a view to getting some work experience as an intern out there in the summer, that'd be great too! I've been looking for a while now, but only seem able to find CG studios, which isn't so much what I'm looking for.

And just to really take the piss... if anyone is feeling super-generous and feels like giving a spotty little enthusiastic-as-hell young animator upstart tour or something around their studio, that'd be absolutely interstellar! As a bonus I'll let you laugh at my hilarious British accent if you like, I won't mind.

Cheers guys, have a good one.



Thanks very much guys! Much appreciated!

LA User Group Mtg for Antics


I'll be hosting an Antics User Group meeting for all of our LA area users, date TBD. We usually draw about 20-30 users, but I expect a better turnout given we've just launched a free version of V3 and our user base is growing exponentially. If you're not familiar with Antics, check out

The Academy has its visual effects bake-off on that Wednesday, so if you can make that, it's very very enjoyable:

There aren't other events, as far as I know, but for the future, you should check these groups:


Los Angeles Professional Chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH:

You might also want to swing by the ASIFA animation archive. By all accounts, it's got an impressive amount of material.