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Rod Scribner - Question about His Arts Education

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Rod Scribner - Question about His Arts Education

Well hi, gang.

Now, we're all friends here, you know me well - and you know I wouldn't start-up a whole thread for anything that was easy to find. I know the blogs, I know the Google -- I sought and yet found not.

Scribner's work with Clampett appeals to me immensely. The foundation for it all is his brilliant draftsmanship. Now, as I'm presently pressed to be a self-taught student of art, I make a habit of finding out everything I can about how the artists who I admire were educated. You can find tons of information on the Disney crowd - but when it comes to Scribner, a WB animator, I can't find a scrap of info about him before he started working.

To phrase the question concisely: Can anybody tell me anything about how he was educated? Where he studied, for how long, the general progression and focus of his exercises, etc? Anything at all could be potentially helpful.


I don't know any of what you ask, but have a suggestion for finding out. Since Scribner was part of the Clampett team, it might be more productive to ask your question over at the John K. blog. Undoubtedly he or one of the people who frequent the sight have at least some info about Scribner.

Addlepate, I posed your question to Michael Barrier himself. Here's the email he sent me:Interesting question, David, and I've found some answers. I've wanted a good excuse to put up something about Scribner (and a photo) on my Web site, and I'll use your question as a hook in the next day or two. But the short answer is, yes, he did have some formal art training.

So keep checking to find your answer. :cool:

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Hey DSB, thanks for your reply!

And a big thanks to Haredevil for asking Michael - great news to hear that he's got some information forthcoming. I'll keep an eye on his website.

Thanks again!