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Star Street - New Flash Series!

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Star Street - New Flash Series!

Hi all,

I'm currently making a flash animated series for Comedybox called Star Street.

Episode 7 is now up on for your viewing pleasure. It's a christmas number 1 for sure!

All comments and criticisms will be welcomed with open arms :)

Dave Connolly

call for advice

Hi again, Hope you all enjoyed episode seven!

I'm trying to drum up some more viewers and support for this series at the moment (hence me posting a link on the forum). Does anyone have any hints or advice? any idea where I should be posting links, or who I should be telling about it?

Any help would be most appreciated! there's nothing worse than making something that you think will entertain people, and then not being able to get those people to realise you exist :(


Hi Dave,
I have a star wars animated site: and what I did to get traffic was to go to all of the big Star Wars sites and email them and give them a link to my toons. Almost all of them are happy to find new content related to their interests. They posted links to my site which in turn many other fans saw and then started posting on forums and smaller sites. Worked out really well for me. So search out and email all of the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek sites and let them know you are out there. I'm sure they'll link to you!

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cheers bluehickey -i'll get on that right now,

Thanks for the advice, and nice work with the spoof animation -the c3po animation is really well timed :)


This one in particular brought me the most traffic:

Good luck!

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