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James Davis health update

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James Davis health update

Hello everyone,

Many of you have been inquiring about the health and well-being of our friend and colleague James Davis, who suffered a debilitating stroke following surgery for a brain tumor this summer.

We are happy to report that James is back at home, after a long period of time in various hospitals and care facilities. We had the pleasure of visiting him this week to deliver the card that many of you had signed. James was very happy to receive it, and appreciates the good energy coming his way.

James is fully ambulatory and sharp as a tack, but still suffers from double vision, impaired swallowing, and significant weight loss. He experienced a setback recently which required a new tracheotomy to assist his breathing, and remains fitted with a stomach tube. Nevertheless, his humor in the face of all this is remarkable. Through everything, he's still our old friend James!

Although James is limiting visitors due to his weakened state, he is happy to receive email. You can write to him at:

Kevin & Moon

Kevin_Geiger's picture
[I]Kevin Geiger Director & Co-founder The Animation Co-op[/I]

[I]Kevin Geiger
Director & Co-founder
The Animation Co-op[/I]

James is a traditional animation veteran and all-around great guy who has worked on many major productions, and most recently taught at Santa Monica College:

Prior to the operation and resulting stroke, James was developing an independent project entitled "Link, A Worm":

He is an active participant in The Animation Co-op, and once spontaneousnly drafted a description of our mission so eloquent that we use it to this day as a preamble:

Whether you know James personally or not, he's one of us, so please drop him a line. We'd each appreciate the same if something so horrible should happen to befall us.

[I]Kevin Geiger
Director & Co-founder
The Animation Co-op[/I]

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