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One Froggy Evening - greatest animated short of all time?

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One Froggy Evening - greatest animated short of all time?

This is now my 21-month old daughter's favorite cartoon (I do not allow any insipid purple dinosaurs in this household, thank you very much). I'm trying to raise her on the good stuff. We literally watch this about fifteen times a day. She's addicted. Thankfully for me, it's one of the best cartoons ever made so I don't get quite as sick of it as I would any lesser cartoon.

So what do you consider the best animated short cartoon ever made?

To me, the term 'animated cartoon' makes it very specific. One Froggy Evening's up there. As are Deduce, You Say, Drip Along Daffy, A Bear For Punishment and probably a few other Joneses I'll remember later. Several of Clampett's WBs also rank highly-- Baby Bottleneck, Great Piggybank Robbery, Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarves, The Big Snooze, and the old B&W Porky In Wackyland, for instance. I also really like Tashlin's Puss In Booty and Porky Pig's Feet. Then there's Tex's MGM's, like Red Hot Riding Hood, Who Killed Who?, Swing Shift Cinderella, Symphony In Slang, etc. The Fleischer's Popeye cartoon King of the Mardi Gras also comes to mind. There are also doubtless a few favorites hiding among the cartoons I haven't seen. It's just really hard to single out just one.

Here ya go:

My answer hasn't changed much since then:
"early 1940s Looney Tunes by Bob Clampett"