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Help with Compression please!

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Help with Compression please!

Hi All

I've been working on a short animation in Adobe Premiere to support some music I'm planning to upload to YouTube 1st December.
Its only 4:05 in length 320px X 240 px - I don't want to lose any sound quality but need to save the file to an acceptable size for the web (under 100 Mb) - At the moment its 485 Mb as quicktime file - I've tried the 'Save for web' function in adobe taking it down to around 15 Mb but the sound quality (and picture) is really bad, Saved it as a WMV file at 8Mb - sound great but picture not too good.
How should I save it? Any suggestions - I've downloaded film clips before well longer than 4 min in length and have been around 20 Mb in size and of great quality too. I need to get it under 100 Mb with perfect sound - How do you guys do it?
Best wishes - David Beard UK

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[URL=]David Beard Music Production Composer for the Moving Image[/URL]

[URL=]David Beard Music Production Composer for the Moving Image[/URL]

Hi David,

I've achieved the best results using DivX.


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