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Goofy Graffix Gallery


This fellow was a cast member in a production that, sadly, didn't really go anywhere, so I figured I'd post him here. I'm not completely sold on the blue coloring; I may make him orange and purple. Also, I need to add more drool because, well, he's a monster and that's what monsters do...


Here's a couple of monsters I scratched out. My quest is to come up with some characters for a rather vague comics idea I have. Maybe these two will be good candidates...

Your drawings are funny, they give me an idea for something for me to try.


You're quite good at coming up with these guys!! I love all three...but especially the last one!!




Ohhhh! I see I missed a few on the last page. Afgain very cool...but I'm partial to the dinos!!


Here's a couple of monsters I scratched out. My quest is to come up with some characters for a rather vague comics idea I have. Maybe these two will be good candidates...


I vote for the martian guy thingy.

Is he in PJ's? Either way...I wanna see more of him!


Is he in PJ's? Either way...I wanna see more of him!


Alas, my coloring skills are not quite there yet. He's supposed to be wearing a shiny metal spacesuit... :(

Thanks for the compliments anyway :)

Thanks for the love, Chairman... *grin*

This is the last batch for now. I have to get busy on some animations, so enjoy 'em while they last...

cute, little characters u share, that i always enjoy looking at...:).

all the best with your animations.


Some dinosaurs. Not quite the terrifying, Jurassic Park type of critters. Would make pretty cool claymation characters...

Hmmm, on closer inspection, if I add some small batwings to the purple guy, he might a pretty cute dragon... interesting...

As always, comments welcome!

Some fresh monster scribbles for ya:

Each started out as a doodle on a Post-it note. Some Sharpie action, a little digitizing, Painter, and presto magicko!... we have monsters.



Some more...

Bon appetite!


I think you should do a short with some of those monsters. I like the green one.

I think you should do a short with some of those monsters. I like the green one.

My shorts schedule is chock-full for the foreseeable future. Maybe if I clone myself... naaah, that would be asking for trouble! :)

Thanks for the compliments :)

cute...they look great, each one has its very own personality and thats the good part...:).

I know how you feel goof.....but hey whats one more project? hahahahahahahahahaha:D

Like the monster guy, looking forward to seeing some more of your stuff.
More drool would rule.

Cool drooling monster,

I visited your goofygraphics site and am off to your blog. Fun stuff man !
Hope to see you post more here.


These are fun! I like the multi-eyed fish!


These are fun! I like the multi-eyed fish!


Yeah, I think the Rasta fish monster is my fave out of this batch, although the five-eyed bat tentacled thing has a certain charm, too... well, in its own twisted sort of way :)


cute...they look great, each one has its very own personality and thats the good part...:).

Thanks! :D


Some weird frog-like characters. The first two are what my daughter refers to as Frog Angels. The last guy is the dreaded Bat Frog, which is the nemesis of the Frog Angels. Anyway, something dorky to gawk at on a cold Monday morning. Cheers!

Really cool characters dude! they look like a lot of fun to create and animate. Great work! loved your site as well. Keep them coming!

Happy holidays to ya!

More monsters, yet again...

great stuff...

Taking a break from the inking madness... Picked up an HP scanner the other day, so I'm breaking it in by scanning some of the unsuspecting doodles lying around.

The ones on the first page of this post remind me of Don Hertzfeldt's Meaning of Life film. Look good.

The ones on the first page of this post remind me of Don Hertzfeldt's Meaning of Life film. Look good.

Thanks. I haven't seen The Meaning of Life, but I have seen Everything Will Be OK, which was bizarre and very cool...

New critter:

My sub-basement flooded some from the big storms we had last night, so I wouldn't be surprised to find this guy swimming around. So long as he doesn't mistake me for something on his menu! :)

Have a GREAT day...

Some ancient dinosaur sketches. These were found in cave walls somewhere in France or Burundi or Christmas Island or some damn place where they draw pictures of dinosaurs all day. Anyway, these are believed to be the mysterious Doofasaurus, so named for its habit of chasing parked cars and trying to annoy the bigger dinosaurs, no doubt leading to its early extinction...

Another recently-discovered caveman drawing -- this one depicts the ferocious Subasaurus Rex. This carnivore* stalked the plains and forests of the Triassic period, often near deli shops and coffee houses. Despite its fierce and bloodthirsty demeanor, its miniscule size meant it was only able to terrorize unsuspecting cold cuts and hoagie buns. Often mocked by larger dinosaurs, Subasaurus Rex eventually faded from prehistory, no doubt nursing a deep grudge...

*Actually, it was fond of ordering extra tomatoes on its prey, therefore making it technically an omnivore. Most Subasaurus Rex would argue that since they prefered spicy mustard to the yellow stuff, they were "bad" enough to qualify as true carnivores. Yeah. Whatever.

Okay, we have another dinosaur and then... I don't know. Not sure what's up with this other dude.

Maybe he's screaming because the dinosaur is standing on his foot. Or maybe he just looked into the mirror for the first time and realized how truly ugly he is.

A random evil-looking dog, and one of those African egg-eating snakes you've no doubt read so much about (me, I prefer my eggs over-easy, but to each his own.). I think this one got a hold of either an ostrich egg or a minivan...

A couple of images with anger-management issues. The guy on the left is mad because the lazy artist didn't finish drawing his feet properly, leaving him with unattractive bricks for feet. Curse you, lazy artist!! The scary monster, on the other hand, has always been a bad seed. No doubt a passing kitten or puppy set him off. Curse you, scary monster!!

Our hero from How Space Wars Begin striking a couple of poses. Ees glamourous, no? He's going to get a couple more shorts to star in, although the whens and wheres have yet to be determined...


Remember this little guy?

I remember after I finished him, I looked again and though to myself, "Gee, if I made a couple of changes, he would make a neat little dragon." Well, here's version 1.0 of the dinosaur-as-dragon (click on him for a larger version):

I'm not completely happy with this version. I want to do something different with the legs, maybe shorten his torso up, make his shnozz a little bigger. 'Cause dragon have big shnozzes. That's what I've heard, anyway...

Space Frog (and Fly)

Millions and billions and zillions of years ago, when the Earth was young and teeming with all sorts of freaky mutant lifeforms, frogs were a lot bigger and meaner than they are today. This is an artistic rendering based on fossils dug up in my back yard of the vicious three-eyed Space Frog. Not exactly sure what the deal was with the third eye -- a laser rangefinder, maybe? Details are sketchy on this feature, but suffice to say the Space Frog needed to be a badass because the flies it feasted on tended to be well-armed...

This is clearly a relation of the three eyed fish in the Simpsons – hopefully long lost. Having those flies on you would be life threatening and probably gave rise to the saying, “There are no flies on me,” as an assurance to others.

I'm not exactly certain what the story is here. Are they explorers stepping out on a strange, new world? Or are they residents of a dying planet taking one final look at their homeworld before leaving for the last time? Maybe they're just looking for a gas station to get directions to Mutant World, the amusement park of the future. Who knows...

Here's the original sketch. I drew the pointing alien first on some 6" x 9" paper, decided he needed friends & drew them, then I did the saucer (I mean, how else do you expect them to get around, mm?). Finally, I scanned it, then used Painter to composite the aliens and saucer together, and add shadows & background with the charcoal tool. And that's the truth...

Who are these guys? What are they doing? What are they looking for? They're in some scary place, but where? What are those things behind them, with the scary eyes?

I don't know...

Sometimes the story comes to us right in the middle of things, and conveniently leaves out the beginning and the end... and the characters' names, places, etc. The monster and the alien have been loitering around the fringes of my imagination for the last six months, looking for some sort of trouble to get into (here's a link to their first appearance -- in color, no less). I have a few more sketches of them I plan to post in the next week or so... and that might just be all I have on them. As much as I'd love yet another diversion, I really can't afford one. We'll see...

Drooly Monster

This guy pops up an awful lot in my sketches. I think that's a sign I need to do something with him, but what that something is, I don't know. A comic strip? An animation? I had an idea for an animation with him in it, but the story sucked butt, so here we are. I'll wait for the answer to come to me in a dream or vision or something...

Three-Eyed Larry

I finally got my markers in the mail... yayyy!!! Here are a couple of views of Three-Eyed Larry with some color:

Neither color is quite the one I'm looking for -- I want something between the two and lighter in tone. So, looks like another trip the art store...


Sharpies and Prismacolor markers on marker paper.

Little green men... who knew? Apparently, well-armed little green men, although someone should warn them that roaches are indestructible. Meh, they'll figure it out eventually...

Sharpies and Prismacolor markers on marker paper.

Hovering Alien...

Another view of our favorite little alien, hovering around with his jetpack. He looks befuddled. It's a look I'm intimately familiar with. Especially when I look in the mirror...

Sharpies and Prismacolor markers on marker paper.

I love prisma markers!

I love prisma markers!

They're a lot of fun :)

Looks like our favorite little alien has himself in a spot of trouble. I hope he remembered to charge up his ray gun before he left the spaceship!

Sharpies & Prismacolor markers on marker paper...

Little Green Men: Training Day

Not exactly sure what our little green friends are trying to accomplish. Housebreaking a new pet? Creating a slave labor force? Maybe they're getting a new bronco ready for the alien rodeo. I just know it can't end well...


Most dinosaurs ended up as someone else's lunch before they got this old. The ones that made it this far were a source of irritation to the other dinosaurs due to their constant bellyaching. For example, this old coot was complaining that his applesauce was too tough to chew, at which point other dinosaurs ripped out his spleen and beat him to death with it. True story.

Little Green Men: Interrogating the Prisoner

This flower must hold the key to Earth's defenses, which is why our little green conquistador is threatening him with disintegration. Stupid aliens...

Little Green Men: Robot Slaves

Our little green dudes have given up on enslaving the local population. To build their quota of factories, bridges, satellite towers, monuments, etc., they're now relying on a robot workforce. Unfortunately, they bought their robots at Wal-fart. Chaos ensues...