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Comic Strips - not funny

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Comic Strips - not funny

I'm curious what others think---

is the newspaper comic strip a dying form?

I remember reading CALVIN AND HOBBES, THE FAR SIDE, DILBERT, B.C. every Sunday morning. I dont even look for the Sunday Comics anymore and most of the time I read the daily ones, I'm just bored.

What happened?

I find "Foxtrot" and "Dilbert" amusing, and our local paper reruns old "Peanuts" strips, so I have a reason to keep reading :) Some of the other newer strips are less than funny, but that's just personal taste...

If comic strips are dying, it's because the panels seemed to be getting squeezed smaller and smaller. The Sunday comics have the whole back page taken up with an ad or something equally useless. Then again, aren't newspapers in general dying out? :\

My tastes are a little off-center, but I love "Monty" and "Non-sequitur". "Secret Asian Man" is starting to grow on me a little too. I read a ton of what's in our paper, but only chuckle occasionally.

Newspaper comics are dying because papers themselves are dying. This has forced syndicates to go for low risk "big hits" which usually means aiming for the lowest common denominator for the biggest payoff. Many new strips get chosen by polls or by marketability surveys, not by test runs. Newspaper comics thus look like less and less fertile ground for new talent. A very sad story, but likely inevitable.

What about webcomics or internet comics? Does anyone see any hope there?

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You're not the only one. My brother and I make fun of the current funnies on a daily basis.


What about webcomics or internet comics? Does anyone see any hope there?

good question. I dont seek them out. does anyone else?

They don't make 'em like that anymore!

amen Laurence

Oh, Garfield is still a classic in newspapers...but over here in England, I've noticed dips in the quality of some cartoon strips. Notably one called 'Strip Show' (NOOOOO, not THAT kind of strip show :p). Some of the 'jokes' are really obscure, or downright lame, and generic sets are used (I believe it's done, at least in part, in 3D)...I lament...but it's not my money being used to hire the artist, so...LOL!

Some of the other strips are okay. Can bring a smile to my face. But's all about him. :D

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What about webcomics or internet comics? Does anyone see any hope there?

There are a few that I like for one reason or another (artwork, story, humor, etc).

Dandy and Company


Ugly Hill

is the newspaper comic strip a dying form?
What happened?

In the early days, comic strips had little competition. Then came radio, comics books, movies, television, and the internet.

There are still good comic strips out there (The best one is probably The Perry Bible Fellowship), but you have to hunt for them. Rather than work so hard for a five-second fix, you might want to turn to small-press comic books or collections of old comic strips that you're unfamiliar with.

Well, since it is Sunday. I thought I would share a strip. This is the 1st PEANUTS comic strip. Personally, I was a big fan of the earlier PEANUTS strips (like this one), Charlie Brown was cutier too ---

Calvin and Hobbes first strip: